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How It All Started

As an experienced music creator I’m always looking for new and interesting projects that need fantastic audio. Whether it be effects or sound track music for a film or theatre production, or song writing for a band. But I especially love adding impact to anything visual.


Musician and song writer

From an early age I’ve been playing guitar and bass in bands and I write music alone and with others. I got my first sync on a YouTube advert for a Chicago-based cycle company at the age of 16. I played bass and did the song writing for my band FLING, which went on several tours of the UK, playing events such as Leeds Fest and Latitude, as well as being played on BBC Radio 1 and Radio 6, and going on tour with the Pigeon Detectives. Through FLING I got another sync on the Japanese Netflix program ‘Terrace House ‘which generated millions of streams on Spotify worldwide.


I’ve also played bass for artists such as the Hong Kong “Canto Pop” star Ivana Wong. This involved being a session musician for her YouTube performance in London promoting her European tour


Creative collaborator

As well as playing shows such as “Leeds Fest” and “Latitude” I have also been involved in the creative inspiration and thinking behind music videos, such as creating the puppet show video concept and making puppets and backdrops, as well as writing the song, and playing bass, in the FLING video for “Banjo Billy”.


I love making art as a hobby and was excited when a sculpture I made found its way on to the hit Channel 4 program “Grayson Perry’s Art Club”


Developing music production and composition for film and theatre

My music making skills have evolved as I have gained experience and become more industry-focused.  Wanting to take music further, I enrolled on a Music Production degree course at Leeds Beckett University and I have specialised in composing music for film.  This focus has led to creating stage scores for the Yorkshire Playhouse and I’m currently working on composing the music for a short film starring Siobhan Finneran.


I have also expanded my skillset into making my own sample libraries. I have made a ”Medieval Sound Library” of 12 instruments on Konatkt using KSP coding, which is available as a free download for others to use on their own cinematic sound scores.


I am constantly searching for new sources of inspiration to stay on top of what’s happening. If you’d like to learn more about my work, or past projects, or discuss a future project, please contact me.


 If you are looking for anything that needs interesting audio - you’ve come to the right place!  I am sure I can add value to your next audio or video project, whatever your needs may be, and wherever you are on the creative journey - from inception of your project to adding great sound impact at the end.

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