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Creative Creations


One Story at a Time

As an artist in the entertainment field I always love creating audio for all entertainment. Whether it be a film score or sound effects, composing and producing to help compliment and narrate the moving image is what I do best. I have creative skills at writing music that suits the mood, style and brief that directors and producers are looking for. Along with this I produce and engineer all my own work to a cinematic standard. The service I offer is a full package of writing producing and recording film music and sound effects, this service can be applied either in post production or any part of the prosess. Join me on a  adventure that includes my latest work and inspirations from across the industry. If you’d like to discuss a collaboration, please get in touch.

Award winning - Channel 4 Funded - Short documentary 

Riley & Rambo 

Rieley & Rambo Filmscore

- Jake Lees

"Riley & Rambo is a story of a boy and his horse that offers insight into the Rag n’ Bone. culture of Holme Wood Bradford. With a backdrop of deprivation we discover the resourcefulness and happiness that’s found in an older and genuine way of life; where. freedom can be found." 

I composed, recorded and produced 5 minutes of music to complement the story of Riley and his horse Rambo. The client wanted an uplifting - hopeful piece of music with implemented sounds of scrap metal. I created my own instruments using sheets of metal and various pieces of scrap to develop a motif for RIley. As well as incorporating violins, piano and chinese drums. This film was funded by Channel four as part of the Bradford city of culture campaign. Riley and Rambo has won an award for best documentary at the White rose film festival. Riley & Rambo will released on streaming services soon.

Ring Toss Redemption  

Short Film Filmscore

Heist scene track isolated
Uplifiting end track isolated

This score was created for the short film "Ring Toss Redemption" - witch tells the story of two sisters working at a funfair who set out to save a prize gold fish from a grim fate. The two scores created include a heist themed track for when the two girls try and sneakily steal the fish to safety. The other score is for the uplifting / up-beat ending scene when the fish is saved following a happy ending for the film. all the music was written recorded and produced by myself. 

Ring Toss Redemption is part of the official selection for Pine wood Studios "Lift-Off Filmmaker Session for March 2023

Huggo Short film Development Film score 

This project was created in the development stage of the short film Huggo. The film is about a woman called April  who stacks shelves at the local supermarket in Whitby with a baby carrier strapped to her chest. Inside the carrier comfortably sits Huggo. This film focuses on raising awareness about baby loss. The director was looking for a subtle emotive score with done like synths and basic melody that could be associated with the loss of a child. All of this project was written recorded and produced by myself.  

Leeds Playhouse Spirates production Score 

This project was created for the leeds playhouse production of "Spirates". The kids play was about a conflict between spies and pirates which eventually put there differences aside and befriend each other. The brief was to create a soundtrack that individually represents the pirates and spies when on stage. The finale track was agreed to be a spy and pirate fusion, to represent the two parties befriending each other. This was all played, recorded and produced  by my self and was played as a sound track on the Leeds playhouse theatre.

8 Track playlist

Film composer Inspiration video showreel 

Puppet show Music video collaboration 

I wrote music in the band "Fling" witch reached a nationwide audience around England. This is the music video for the Fling track "Banjo Billy". In this track i recorded bass guitar and my own vocals. As well as contributing to recording and producing, I created puppets and helped paint the backdrop as seen in the video. The song Banjo Billy is a whimsical tune about a fictional character, so a whimsical video with puppets set in a fantasy world was fitting to suit the style of the song. This was my debut into the world of music associated with video and has inspired me to work with music in film ever since.

Fling Band Album show reel

Through writing and preforming in FLING, we recorded a full studio album witch had a very positive response on Spotify. FLING has gained millions of streams worldwide. This Spotify link shows our top streamed songs and also shows the love and determination i've had for working hard on creating music.

If you have liked what you've seen in this portfolio and would like to collaborate. Please get in-touch and contact us below. 


11 Westfield Terrace Baildon Bradford 


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